4 Reasons You Need To Get Into Anime

Most of us have that one friend who’s really into anime and cartoons. All they go on about are these TV shows you’ve never heard of, and you usually see them retweeting strange clips and memes on Twitter that you just don’t understand. In all honesty, we think it’s a bit odd that they like cartoons that kind of seem like they’re aimed at kids.

However, anime is much more than just kids cartoons. In fact, most of the shows out there aren’t even aimed at children at all. You may be surprised at how entertaining it is, and here are a few reasons you may want to think about getting into it:

4 Reasons You Need To Get Into Anime

Is it time you join in the anime fun? Source

Loads of shows to choose from

There are so many different shows within the anime genre that you can watch. This diversity means there is definitely something for you to enjoy. From cult classics like One Punch Man to shows you used to love in your childhood like Pokemon; there’s an abundance of choices here. While a lot of the shows are similar in their animation and style, there are some considerable differences between them all, meaning you get a unique experience watching them!

Easy to watch

One of the great things about anime shows is that they’re very easy for you to get your hands on. Numerous sites let you watch anime, and you’ll find the full catalog of top shows ready for you to dive into. Often, you don’t even need to pay for these shows, making them incredibly accessible when you want something to watch, but don’t have enough money.

Exceptionally fun animation

Probably the best thing about anime is the way it’s drawn and animated. It’s a style that can’t really be replicated by anything else. There’s a fast pace to everything that goes down, and the colors and general style is just breathtaking. You get some real detail in the animation as well, it’s more than your average cartoon style!

4 Reasons You Need To Get Into Anime

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There’s a great online community

You know I’ve spoken about TV shows like Vikings and other series that have cult followings online. These types of shows are always amazing as they have really tight-knit online communities that you can get involved in. The anime genre as a whole is just like this; there are loads of fans that love chatting about different series, pointing out their best characters, and so on. In fact, the anime following on Twitter is one of the best around. Plus, if you finally start watching it, then you’ll be able to understand all those anime memes that get thrown around every day!

Some of you may already be heavily into anime cartoons, but a lot of you probably haven’t even given it a second thought. If you’ve seen people watch these shows before, and always wondered what was so great about them, then now’s the perfect time to get involved. It’s easily accessible, there’s a plethora of series to enjoy, the style is captivating, and you can join a brilliant online community!


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