4 Things All Football Fans Want To See In FIFA 20

What can be improved from FIFA 19? Flickr

FIFA is the standout football game that fans of the sport play all year round. Currently, FIFA 19 is on the shelves, and it’s proving to be a game that divides opinion. While better than FIFA 18, there are still plenty of things avid football fans are keen to see in the next version later this year.

I’ve got a list of things I’d love to see in FIFA 20, so feel free to read through it and contribute your own thoughts!

More Realistic Shooting

It’s so annoying when you line up a shot on FIFA 19, and it just doesn’t do what you intended at all. Mainly, I’m talking about when the player always seems to slice the ball instead of striking it with their instep. Or, when you’re one-on-one with a right-footed player and they use their left foot instead. As someone who loves football, it’s so frustrating and painfully unrealistic. Fix the shooting, so you have more control over how each shot is made.

Revamped FIFA Ultimate Team

FUT is the most popular gaming mode on FIFA, and it’s where most of the attention goes from the developers. When it was first released many years ago, it was such a fun concept. You could buy your favourite players and create the ultimate team. Now, things have got a bit overly complicated and restrictive for many users. For most people, unless you go to places like IGVAULT to buy coins, you’ll never be able to use the best players in the game. So, it needs to be easier for people to get these top players and play with them. The pack opening system is a mess that borders on gambling, and the gameplay is far too competitive. So, fix these things and bring back the old FUT that everyone loved back in the day!

Old-School Penalties

Honestly, the new penalty system they released a few years ago is absolutely diabolical. There was no issue with the old system, and this new one just makes everything look so robotic and unrealistic. As a football fan, I thought the old way was a lot better. Maybe they can tweak a few things like making chipped pens less obvious, and letting you control how the player approaches the ball. But, get rid of that stupid bar at the bottom of the screen!

Realistic Offline Difficulty/Career Mode Simulations

Playing Career Mode is fun until it gets to a point where you’re so good that you almost beat every team. So, they need to make it much harder next year, which they tried to do with a new difficulty level this year. The computer AI needs to be improved, but so do the match simulations. I haven’t had a title race in years on FIFA, and it’s because all the teams draw so many matches, meaning they get so far behind you. If the computer simulations were more realistic, it would make career mode more challenging and fun.

Believe me, there are other things I’d like to change as well, but I don’t have the time to list them all! Maybe I’ll do a part two, or we could discuss other things in the comments. Either way, let me know your thoughts on this list and what you’d like to see in FIFA 20 this year.

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