5 Male Grooming Tips For Winter

Perhaps you’ve got your male grooming sussed for most of the year? Even so, winter arrives with a whole new set of rules. The cold weather tends to wreak a little havoc on the skin and the hair. Then there’s the job of looking good for all those winter holiday gatherings! For those looking for a few tips, here come five winter grooming essentials.

  1. Get your beard oil

If you haven’t used beard oil before- winter is the perfect time. Beard oil can help to moisturize your beard and keep the hair soft and nourished. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the skin under your beard can be a little dry? Sometimes, growing a beard means that the hair can take the moisture out of the skin there. Beard oil can moisturize the skin underneath too, so you’ll have all the bases covered. Beard oil comes in a vast range of styles and scents, so your face well be smelling awesome too. You’ll stop your beard from itching plus free of any dandruff. For the 21st century man, beard oil is all the rage!

5 Male Grooming Tips For Winter


  1. Natural hair products

In the cold weather, it’s best to give the hair on our heads a little extra moisture too. You can do this by investing in a little coconut oil. This stuff is an excellent source of moisture to keep your hair looking and feeling great. Coconut oil also aids hair growth with its vitamins and fatty acids. Who knows, your hair might even get long enough to sport a man bun with braids! Be warned, use only a little coconut oil because things can get pretty greasy otherwise.

  1. Don’t skip on the sunscreen

Believe it or not, the sun’s rays are still capable of damaging your skin during the winter. It may look gloomy out, but there will still come those bright winter days. When you feel cold, you won’t notice the effects. On a bright winter day, put on a little sunscreen to keep your skin safe and healthy. (Plus don’t forget your winter shades for that ‘cool dad’ look)!

  1. Up your moisturizing 

When the weather is cold out, our skin can really suffer. Now’s the time to up your moisturizing regime unless you want your skin to get dry and cracked. You might have a favourite moisturizer already- just double up on what you would usually apply to your skin. If you’ve a hankering for some natural home remedies- save some avocado next time you make your avo-toast! Avocados can be an excellent natural way to give your skin some moisture. Simply mash up the avocado, add a little honey -mix and rub over your face.  Don’t forget to properly wash off after (avocado in your beard isn’t a great look)!

  1. New Winter Fragrance

Lastly, why not treat yourself to a new male winter fragrance to get your grooming regime on point. When choosing a fragrance for this time of year, it can be great to go for something a little smoky or with that vaguely ‘pine forest’ kind of scent. Of course, we all have our different preferences, so the choice is up to you.


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