5 Reasons To Ditch Your Car And Get A Motorbike

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Have you ever considered ditching your four wheels for a taste of the two-wheeled experience? There are many reasons why you might, and we have listed some of them in this article. So, while you might be resistant at first, especially if you have a love for cars, you might still consider a change after considering the following.

#1: For the thrill of the ride

Sure, driving your car can be an exhilarating experience, but there’s nothing like journeying along the open road with the wind in your face, at a pace that your car may not be capable of. There’s nothing like it, as your sense of presence on the road will make you feel far more alive than when you’re sat within the metal confines of your regular motor vehicle.

#2: You are saving the world

Okay, so you aren’t bringing about world peace when putting your bike helmet on (although there is a fantastic sense of camaraderie with other bikers). Rather, you are riding something that does far less damage to the carbon environment than the four-wheeled fume-spewing alternatives. You are using less fuel too, as you get more to the gallon, so not only are you doing your bit to save the world, but you are saving yourself some money too.

#3: Motorbikes are easier to park

Have you ever driven out of your way to find a parking space that you can comfortably manage to fit in? Have you ever struggled to park your car because of your poor driving ability? It can be hard to find a parking space, and even harder to find one that you feel adept at parking in, but you can negate all of that when getting a motorbike. Parking is a cinch, as you can fit into the smallest gaps. Not only does this mean there are more spaces for you to fit into, but you won’t have the embarrassment factor when others witness your failed efforts to park.

#4: You can get from A to B faster

We aren’t just talking about the speeds a motorbike can produce; you still need to stick to designated speed limits, even if the police do have a harder time catching up with you. Rather, we are talking about the convenience that a motorbike can offer you. If you have been stuck behind the wheel of your car in a traffic jam, you will know what we mean. When you’re on two wheels, you can bypass standing traffic, and ride by those poor motorists. You might even offer them a friendly wave as you pass by, although we can’t guarantee the hand signals they return to you will be as friendly.

#5: You look cool!

Okay, so your car might look cool when you’re out and about (unless you’re driving around in an old banger), but you probably don’t. People won’t get much of a look at you anyway. However, you’re out in the open when riding a bike, and as you roam the roads in your shades and bike leathers, you will be the first thing that people see when they roll down their car windows. Listen to the frustrated gasps of drivers wishing they could be as cool as you, and then smile to yourself, knowing that your street cred has just risen faster than your speedometer!

If we have triggered an interest in you, start shopping around now. Trade in your old car if you need help to finance the purchase, and if your credit is low, the following company offers Superbike Loans to help those who need it. Buying a motorbike could be the best decision you make this year!

Let us know what you think. Is it worth ditching your car for a motorbike? Or can you counter the argument? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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