7 Lazy Sports That Can Actually Give You A Workout

A sport doesn’t have to involve running or jumping to keep you fit. While certain sports like darts may not burn any calories, other less active sports like golf or yoga could be a surprisingly good source of fitness. In fact, they could be excellent for those who have health problems preventing them from taking part in high impact sports. Below are just a few lazy sports that can actually give you a workout.

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Walking may not keep you as fit as running, but it can still be a good form of exercise. Going on long walks over challenging terrain will give you the best workout – this could include hiking through hills or mountains or going on a long city walk.

How can walking be turned into a sport? There are in fact many walking races that you can train for. These tend to be long endurance races held over several hours.


Golf is often seen as a lazy sport. It’s true: you won’t burn many calories simply from swinging a club. However, on a large golf course, you’re certain to do a lot of walking between holes – which can in fact be a great source of exercise. This is particularly likely to be the case if you carry all your own clubs.


Yoga might seem like a lot of sitting around, but in fact it’s one of the best core workouts you can do. If you’ve ever done exercises like the plank or balanced on one leg for a long time, you’ll understand the physical challenges of it.

Many people may not class yoga as a ‘sport’. In actual fact, yoga can be done competitively. That said, most people do choose to practice it more as a form of physical and mental exercise.


Archery may not seem particularly physically active, but it can actually provide a great arm workout. Good arm strength is in fact essential for delivering power – as a result, many professional archers regularly lift weights. If you’re looking for a sports focused on the arms, buy yourself a bow and give archery a go.


Regular shooting on a range won’t provide much of a workout, however there are ways in which shooting can be turned into a physically active sport. There are events such as cross-country shooting and Nordic shooting that involve running and skiing between targets. Buy yourself an airgun and some airgun pellets and try giving shooting a go. Once you’ve mastered the shooting aspect, you can try some of the more physically active events.

Go karting

If you’ve ever been go-karting before, you’ll know that it can be very strenuous on the arms and body. It’s not like driving a regular car – you can get a decent workout out of it. This could be a great physically active sport to try if you love cars and racing.

Horse riding

It’s not just the horse that does exercise when riding. Many people find horse riding to be a great core and leg workout. Dressage, showjumping and horse racing are just some of the various horse riding sports that you could try.

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