80s popster Carmel is back with new twin single – ‘Sad Situation’/’Second Wife Blues’

It’s always good to see the return of an artist from yesteryear – particularly when their new music is both high quality and a natural progression for that artist.

Such is the case with 80s pop star Carmel, who has returned with a brand new double A side single – her first new music since last century! The two tracks, ‘Sad Situation’ and ‘Second Wife Blues’ can be heard above, and if you haven’t clicked ‘play’ yet, you should.

Each song has something to recommend it – whether it’s the soulful wonder of the mid tempo ‘Sad Situation’, or the poppy blues sound of ‘Second Wife Blues’. Both are lyrically dextrous and well produced – an excellent example of an old school artist who has successfully returned with a new edge to her sound.

Visit Carmel’s Website for more.

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