Akasha FX – ‘Slave of Time Remixes’ single out now with Reel Me Records

An electronica based production project of Reel Me Records founder Kristian Townsend, Akasha FX is a labour of love that combines various different genres to create something original. Simultaneously down tempo and rhythmic, ambient and breakbeat, it’s a clash that shouldn’t work but does.


With support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Raul Campos and Eddy Temple Morris, as well as placements on TV shows such as CSI and Nikita, the soundscapes of Akasha FX are clearly capturing the consciousness of the industry. And with new single ‘Slave of Time’, the project is set to keep reaching a wider audience.

Combining the break-beat of Akasha FX, the lyrics of Trinidadian wordsmith and poet Coreysan and the skilled cello of ‘J Rokka’ (another Reel Me artist), this is a sprawling, trippy introduction to a new, electronic sound which is both accessible and esoteric – a rare skill.

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