Album review – ‘Rebirth’ by Carbonine

Are you a rock fan who loves contemporary rock but also has a soft spot for the hard hitting but tuneful rock of the early 2000’s? Well, you’re not the only one, and that’s precisely the blend hit upon in the new album from up and coming rockers Carbonine. Hard, heavy and supremely technical while maintaining a tuneful approach to the vocals, this is loud, noisy rock but with a pleasingly accessible sound. It’s a high quality compromise for those who enjoy the talent of screaming rock bands, but aren’t such a fan of all the shouting.

In this nine track album, Carbonine show two main things. One, that they have a very wide range of musical abilities. Two, that they are sure of their sound and are more than able to stick to it. Their main style is heavy and melodic, but certain parts of this are also lighter, more subtle moments which keep things fresh without betraying the band ethos.

There’s some thing to enjoy in each of the nine tracks, and it hangs together very well as an album. If I had to pick a highlight or two, I’d go for the rhythmically pulsating ‘Thoughts’ and the excellent ‘Take It All Away’ which strays into thrash territory for the intro before pulling back from the brink as the vocals enter.

All in all though, this is very nice work indeed. And it’s out now – get it here:

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