All Hail Toots – The Saviour Of Humanity

Every generation has its magical men, the Da Vinci’s, Galileo’s, Albert Einsteins and Sponge Bob Squarepant’s.  Present day humanity should be fortunate enough to be in-living presence of the new King.

Hail Toots, this young man is re-defining music. His delicate voice and harmonious tones bring a tear to sturdiest of men and soft girls. Toots has the purest of hearts and best intentions of world peace and free ice cream to all.

His army of followers have swollen in numbers and a world tour of peace is planned. Dates to be declared by his manager and lover Fat Lomas, a shady and ominous character.(Pictured)


Critics and heretics however have accused the young prodigy of being an evil spirit possessing the minds of the youth and over 34 year old’s.

Toots himself has openly spoken of anarchy and moral law. His songs rally the troops to boycott meals on wheels claiming “its a bit dry”.

Whatever the truth behind this young star his music has always been his best weapon. His new track Custard Cream and Cup of Tea  will surely silence the critics and please his Fat Greedy Short Manager.

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