Amazing Cars Over 15 Years Old That Are Still Awesome Today

Ok, so you are on the lookout for a new car. More than that, you want a car that oozes sophistication and style? Well, if this sounds like something you are looking for, then you are probably thinking it’s going to cost you an absolute fortune, right?

Well, if you were to buy brand new, then yes, but if you were to think outside the box and consider a few cars that are a little older, then we may have a few little gems in store for you today.

While you may have been looking at some of the most expensive cars on the market today, you quite possibly should have been looking at what were some expensive cars some time ago, that today are very affordable and still offer the same level of sophistication.

We know that some older cars haven’t aged well, and luckily for you, we are not going to be looking at the Fiat Brava. In fact, we are going to be looking at a few stunning mid-range luxury cars that may really float your boat.

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The Audi A6 Le Mans 

First released back in 2004 as an estate model, the Le Mans Audi A6 was a fine piece of machinery, but it wasn’t until 2005 did it really find it’s own.

In 2005 Audi combined the style of the S6 coupe and the sophistication of the A6, and they created the A6 Le Mans 3.2l special edition, and it was something beautiful. The car itself had a plethora of internal gadgets, and with the slight window tint, it had a stunning cockpit-like feeling when driven.

When this car was first released, it retailed at around £35k, but if you shop around nowadays, you can pick one up for about 5K with under 100,000 miles on the clock. One thing that can be said for the Le Mans is that it handled like a dream and felt accelerated like a beast but only had one small flaw.

Most of them had small issues with the turbo, so should you be in the market for one, you may want to make sure there are no small oil drips from the front underside of the car.

The Range Rover Vogue

The second car we are going to talk about is one that is still today at the height of style and class, that is, of course, the Range Rover Vogue.

While the car always had amazing appeal, in 2005 it got a little lift to the front end, and it really looked like it meant business. What seems to be most surprising is that even today this car still doesn’t look out of place among Range Rovers and they still drive like a dream.

The great thing about these cars is that you will find them everywhere from huge dealers to smaller ones like LRC4X4 and you really cannot go wrong with one.

You can expect to pay anywhere between 5k and 15k depending on specs and mileage but let’s be honest, that’s a huge saving compared to what you would have paid in 2005.

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