Andy Leek Is ‘Waking up the World’

Waking up the World’ – Released 6th May 2013


Following hot on the heels of Andy Leek’s remixed debut album Say Something (Deluxe Edition), produced by the man behind the Beatles, Sir George Martin, the 6th May sees Leek releasing an epic 16 track double concept album Waking up the World.

With 22 years of song writing, performing and vocal evolution, Leek’s new release is fresher than ever. Playing virtually all the instruments himself, producing and writing every song, ploughing through his life savings and struggling with the news of a serious illness, the past three years have created the album which stabilized and perhaps ‘saved his life’.

‘Waking up the World’ is an album with variance in style and a melancholic depth flushed with vocal harmonies, real strings, percussion and brass. Youthful dreams, poisoned society, and the spiritual journey are among the aspects of the album that render its unique concept. Every song has a sister song reflecting opposing themes of innocence, experience, realisation and return which flow throughout.

Andy Leek’s home grown talent is inspirational and despite various difficulties on his roller coaster ride through the music industry, he returns here raising the bar of popular music, with high quality beautifully produced refreshing songs that touch your heart.



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