Andy Leek to release his highly anticipated new album sampler ‘From Icarus to Phoenix’

After the immense critical success of his first two albums ‘Waking Up The World’ and ‘Say Something’, this three track album sampler is a great taste of what’s still to come from the long awaited double album ‘From Icarus To Phoenix’.

Previously known for his work with George Martin and Dexys Midnight Runners, as well as writing a hit for Frieda of Abba, and despite fighting an ongoing battle with a progressive neurological disorder, Andy has backed his own talent with his own money, and states candidly; “this will probably be my last album as I am not sure how fit I’ll be to make another. However the positive responses to ‘Waking Up The World’ from journalists, fans and musicians alike have given me the inspiration and strength I needed to make ‘From Icarus To Phoenix’.”

‘From Icarus to Phoenix’ is a versatile mix of styles and clearly shows Andy Leek’s ability to master any genre he wishes. The first track, ‘Beloved’ is a nostalgic, radio friendly, summer pop song with poetic lyrics, a driving beat and haunting harmonica. In complete contrast to track one, the second ‘Forgive Me’ is a 70’s style funk makeover of one of Andy’s previous songs from previous album ‘Waking Up The World’; with wah-wah guitar, stax-type horns and sassy backing vocals from Jackie Williams. Finally ‘Natalie’ is beguiling song about a temple dancer bundi-style drums and authentic Indian vocals which lend an atmosphere of the psychedelic all finishing with an outro so hypnotic it almost puts you in a trance.

This compact, three track taste of what’s to come is the perfect way to draw attention to the forthcoming release of the 30 track double CD.

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