Briers full of determination.

Warrington wolves Lee Briers has said that”the grand final has given me more determination, my enthusiasm is Exactally the same and it’s never wavered. I’m really looking forward to going again.”

Briers had made his first grand final apperance in August 2012 against the rhinos and quoted two months after the game ” Id not been training for 10 weeks so I had a lot of time to think, I couldn’t watch the grand final, I didn’t know what score it was, it was only until I watched the season review which is acouple of monthsleather that I could watch it.”

Warrington playing their first grand final lead by 6 points in the early stages of thefirst half with a try from Richie myler then the Leeds skipper Kevin sinfield levelled the scores at 6-6 then a try from Ben jones-bishop got the rhinos ahead, a try from Joel’s Monaghan levels the scores just before the break, two minuites after thebreak Ryan Atkins barged his way through the Leeds defence to put Warrington in the lead once again, then tries from Karl Ablert and Ryan hall win the grand final for the rhinos.

The Leeds skipper Kevin sinfield who lead his team to 6th grand final in 9 years this month won the golden boot beating the likes of Sam tompkins (Wigan) and Australians Cameron smith, Ben barba, cooper cronk and Nate myles.

Sinfield received critisim from the Australian media stasting than “sinfield winnning the prize as a snub to their players,” sinfield then hit back saying “if people are not happy about it, it’s not my problem everyone is entitled to their own opinion I’m not bothered or interested in what they say, if they want to have a crack they can fire away.

Salfod city reds this week have had a spot of good news in the form of a new buyer for the club, in the name of Dr Marwan Koukash, a millionaire horse owner from Kuwait who has lived in Liverpool for 30 years and was reported saying “I hope it can be done in a few hours, certainly no longer than a few days, hopefully by Monday we can announce the deal.” looks like Salford could be on the path of success this year as the new buyer will get them out of their £600;000 debt which £300,000 is to the tax man and the rest to players unpaid wages.

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