Bringing Back The Wow Factor

Let’s face it corporate events are usually deathly dull. A fancy dinner here, a sports event there and plenty of excruciating small talk to be made. If you’re looking to create something a little more daring, a little more exciting and dare we say, a little more fun then it’s time for casino night.

Your team deserves to let their collective hair down so set up an evening just for them with tables, food and drinks galore. Make the event even more special by nominating a charity all the profit can be donated to and let the fun begin.

Create the Atmosphere

These nights only really work if everyone’s on board with it, so enforce a strict black tie policy on the door and have everyone dress for the occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a swanky hotel or a church hall, when everyone makes the effort it will go with a bang.

Have a great selection of games to play, from the traditional blackjack and poker tables to 3 card brag and of course the ubiquitous roulette wheel, so beloved in casino movies. Make the stakes low, it’s just for fun after all. For gambling newbies why not have a simple set of rules and instructions on how to play each game, to take the mystery out of the process.

Keep the food and drinks flowing, introduce some great music and you’ll have created an atmosphere that encourages a great evening’s entertainment. Team bonding happens at its best when people are doing something different, together and having a great time.

Be sure to gently remind your guests that it is just for fun and to gamble responsibly. You can instruct your croupier team to cut anyone off who seems to be taking it too seriously or appears to be losing more than they can afford to.

For those who don’t gamble, make sure there are plenty of other activities on offer. A photo booth with the chance to wear ridiculous costumes and disguises for example. Some games of skill where no money changes hands and so on.

Bringing Back The Wow Factor

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No casino charity night is complete without the obligatory charity auction. Think outside the box when it comes to lots. Yes, be sure to include the odd picnic hamper and bottle of whisky but how about some more unusual ideas, such as having the boss cook you dinner, getting a green fingered colleague design your garden and so on.

Bringing your team together has never been so fun. Give everyone the chance to relax over a few drinks and that team spirit will be stronger than ever. Combine that with the chance to raise some money for your charity and everyone’s a winner. Except if you lose at the blackjack table of course, but that just comes with the territory. Corporate events don’t have to be boring, so break the mould with yours and have everyone talking about the day you brought Las Vegas that little bit closer.

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