Caleidra Announces Brand New EP ’Another Day’

Caleidra is back stronger than ever with the much anticipated debut EP ‘Another Day’.

After the soaring success of her previous releases, Caleidra returns with an absolute gem of a record. Still just 17 and after substantial coverage including ITV, BBC Radio, Mizz and Shout magazine, Caleidra found fame after her GCSE music coursework led to her being spotted performing on TV by world renowned producer John McLaughlin (911, Busted, Westlife) who “just had to work with her”. On the record, Caleidra also worked with Dave Thomas and Jud Mahoney who has collaborated with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Chris Brown.

The performance and songwriting skills are all Caleidra’s and her talent and uniquely powerful vocal sound is maturing beautifully. The youthful energy can be especially heard in the lead single from the EP – ‘Start Again’.

“The EP is about the spectrum of emotions a relationship can take us through. From intense joy to unbearable sadness, these songs show them all,” says Caleidra.

‘Another Day’ takes us on a journey from the upbeat happy songs ‘Start Again’ and ‘I Should’ve Known’ to the absolute heartbreaking masterpiece ‘Another Day’ through to the redemptive ‘Ask Me Why’.

The maturity of the music belies her tender age. You can hear the joy and heartbreak and reaffirmed love in the soaring melodies, musical hooks and razor-sharp lyrics of an impressive debut EP, affirming the idea of love as a force for good.

Yes, Caleidra is here. And better than ever.

Another Day’ is released on 13th October 2013

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For more information contact Vicky Berry on [email protected] or phone 01223 844440

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