Car Modifications Ranked by How Useful or Useless They Are

If you’ve been a car owner for a couple of years then you’ll probably have thought about (or already made) some modifications to your vehicle. Whether it’s a new spoiler, engine tuning or a fresh set of seats, there are many unique modifications that you can make which could either be completely useless or actually very productive and useful. So in this article, we’re going to rank a few car modifications by how useful or useless they are.

Car Modifications Ranked by How Useful or Useless They Are

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows have, for a long time, been a staple in gangster films and crime movies because they essentially hide the people inside of the car. Of course, they also have practical purposes such as reducing the glare of the sun and even providing your passengers with more privacy. However, there’s a certain limitation to how much you can tint your windows and in some states, windshield tinting is actually illegal depending on which windows you tint. As a result, your car could suddenly become illegal to drive if you move to a different state or decide to stay for a weekend. This makes tinted windows, in our opinion, a fairly useless car modification that is just a waste of money.

Alloy Wheels

While your wheels might seem completely cosmetic, there are actually a couple of advantages to an alloy refurb. For starters, you’ll find that your car is lighter which means it’s easier to handle and has a slightly better grip on the road. Secondly, they offer better fuel economy since they lighten the car which means less force needed to move the car. Finally, they offer better heat conduction and dissipation which helps to improve their durability. This is all in addition to looking fantastic, making alloy wheels a worthy car modification that you should invest in.

Aftermarket Spoilers

Spoilers tend to be very fancy-looking modifications that really serve no purpose. If there’s a spoiler that you want simply because it looks nice, then more power to you–you’re free to customize your vehicle however you want. However, if you’re doing it for the sake of performance, then we’re sorry to say but it provides no real benefit to your vehicle and just makes it harder to access your boot. There are some situations where a spoiler can be useful at high speeds, but unless you’re driving on a race track or something then it’s likely not going to apply to you. In short; useless.

Seat Covers

Often seen as a purely cosmetic improvement, seat covers can actually have a positive effect on your car. Not only does it protect the upholstery from things like spills, crumbs and dirt, this also directly improves the resale value of your vehicle because your upholstery will look (and smell) brand new. There’s also the visual appeal that a seat cover adds, offering more personalization to your vehicle that comes at a very affordable price. This makes seat covers one of the most inexpensive and useful car modifications that you could invest in.

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