Civil Protection to Release Brand New Album ‘Stolen Fire’

Post-rock four-piece Civil Protection is back and ready to release their highly anticipated album debut ‘Stolen Fire’.

136323Fresh from the stage of The Zetland, Huddersfield supporting math rock stars The Indelicates, Civil Protection marked that night as the night that changed their career. Having adopted an “all or nothing” approach that night, Civil Protection found something within themselves that paid off in a huge way. Gaining new found respect from every single band that played that night and a new set of fans, Civil Protection secured themselves an awesome reputation.

After years of contemplation, Civil Protection decided to flesh out the skeleton of an idea that was ‘Stolen Fire’. Taking inspiration from the pain of losing a close family member, Civil Protection captured the morbid solemnity that looms in a situation like that without losing the energy of their personality. When the lyrics were taken to Civil Protection studio session that all the pieces fell into place and ‘Stolen Fire’ was born. Drums from Kenny Skey built urgency and a sense of tension, a euphoric bass line in its final moments from Phillip Birch, complex guitar riffs from Adam Fielding and a haunting tremolo lead from Nathan Bradely all came together to create ‘Stolen Fire’. In turn, the final version of ‘Stolen Fire’ inspired the sound that is now widely associated with Civil Protection which led to the album being named after the track.

Having proudly signed to Bunny Snot records, Civil Protection will release ‘Stolen Fire’ on October 7th.


For more information contact Vicky Berry on [email protected] or phone 01223 844440.


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