‘Clockface’ concept album out now from rock story tellers The Kite Collectors

Like many fads and fashions from the 70s and 80s, the idea of the concept album seemed to have faded away into memory thanks to the single based music market we’re all experiencing today. Thankfully, in Wiltshire based trio The Kite Collectors, the concept has a new advocate.

‘Clockface’ is a new album from the three piece which follows an individual character through a day in the life, with each song representing an interaction with someone new. How autobiographical it is for songwriter Robby Allen is unclear (I would suggest not very), but the fact is that these moments are well crafted in a high quality blend of rock, pop and the occasional bit of blues.

Streaming online now, the track above ‘Wonder’ is a great example of what to expect from ‘Clockface’. If it floats your boat, then it’s worth your time (see what I did there?).

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