Coco DeParis set to release debut single ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’

“Coco is very talented. Every day you’ll be amazed by something new about her!”

David Schoenwetter, music producer

“Coco always attracts the public’s attention, firstly with her French and charming accent, and then when she begins to sing, the audience never expects to hear such a deep, strong and unusual voice. When she sings, she is able to charm and shine.”

Henric Thompson, Artist General Manager

Pop-rock singer-songwriter Coco DeParis has put the sensitive emotions of her childhood memories and life experience into her music. The results have received high praise, and her upcoming debut single “I don’t love you anymore” is highly anticipated.

Born in France to french/ Hispanic and African parentage, Coco DeParis is now based in London where she regularly gigs. With an original, distinctive sound and great song-writing skills, Coco DeParis is steadily building up a strong fan base, both locally and further afield.

Inspired by a genuine relationship that recently disintegrated, “I don’t love you anymore” is heartbreakingly honest in both the lyrics and the delivery. Opening with gentle piano and strings the song is immediately reminiscent of classic, dramatic film scores; indeed coco admits that she draws most inspiration from the music she hears in films: “music is critical to the success of a movie because it forces you to feel an emotion and then amplifies it”.

Coco’s tremendous vocal ability is often the source of great praise. With a tone that has been compared to the likes of Amy Lee (evanescence), coco makes use of her stunning range in the emotionally fuelled single. With an EP that will follow shortly after (“love never dies”) this is only a small taste of things to come from the hotly tipped singer-songwriter.

You can see coco perform at Oxjam music festival on 19th October and at The Troubadour on November 14th


I don’t love you anymore” will be released 28th October – EP “love never dies” will follow shortly after. For more information please contact quite great on 01223 844440 or at  [email protected]

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