Cybersecurity and SEO

SEO and website security are frequently looked upon as separate entities but its essential for any modern business to understand how one compliments the other.

SEO professionals have long been aware of the potential negatives that a hack on a website can have on trust, reputation, and revenue. Data breaches are often in the news these days, so it’s crucial to periodically assess your security setup and keep your staff up to date on the latest techniques used by hackers and fraudsters.

Website security from an SEO perspective should not begin and end with the implementation of HTTPS; an SSL certificate only secures a connection and encrypts data in transit. Identifying vulnerabilities can be done on a basic level with tools like detectify and cyberscanner, something which many SEO’s fail to consider when onboarding new clients.

The cost of hacking or malware injection can be huge on organic traffic and visibility. For a website to fully recover, it can take months or work to recover within search results. Responsibility for website security falls to stakeholders, no matter if you run a small business or a multinational company no organisation is immune to security issues as the recent data breach at Amazon highlights.

At Raven Global Solutions we offer a combination of SEO and Information Security Services, contact us today to find out how we can help secure your data and improve your digital footprint.

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