Discover How To Fool People Into Thinking You’re A Sports Fanatic

Not everyone is into sports and you could fit neatly into that category. It’s okay, you can admit it here, this is a safe space. Perhaps you love playing but find watching it a bore or maybe you adore sitting in front of the tube but can’t kick a ball to save your life. It’s possible that you’re not a massive fan of either and would much rather sit down with a good book. That becomes an issue when you hear a question like:

Did you see the game last night?


Are you looking forward to the big fight this weekend?

You might nod along but eventually, you’ll reveal that you haven’t any clue what they are talking about. This can be a problem because sports is a common subject for the water cooler and you probably want to engage. So, how can you do this the right way? Here are a few pointers.

Discover How To Fool People Into Thinking You're A Sports Fanatic

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Learn The Rules And The Names

If there’s a specific sport that you want to make sure that you can talk about, it’s worth thinking about learning the rules of the game as well as some of the names of the players. Particularly, if you’re going to position yourself as a fan of a particular team. This can be useful if you’re trying to impress a girl who is football crazy. Just go on Tinder – they’re out there!

The classic example of a rule that you must get to grips with is the offside rule. Slipping up here is a clear sign that you are not committed to the art that is football. Learning the rules will also help ensure that you understand some of the more heated conversations.

Know What’s On When 

One of the easiest and fastest ways to reveal yourself as fraud is to not know that a sporting event is on the horizon. It’s an easy mistake to make but it’s also remarkably simple to keep up with the must-watch sports events every month. This will help ensure that you can watch them yourself or at the very least know what everyone else is excited about.

Ideally, you want to make sure that you watch at least one sports event a week or month, depending on your schedule. That way, if someone mentions a particularly shocking development, you can at least follow up with your own insight into another sport.

Invite Them Around 

Finally, you can think about inviting people around to watch a big sporting event at your house. The best part of doing this is that if you plan this the right way and provide all the great snacks, then they won’t even be bothered about whether you are as interested in the match or tournament as they are. You get bonus points if you invest in a big-screen HD TV and a high-quality sound system to make it feel like you’re in the stands.

We hope this helps you tackle the issue of being completely out of your league when people start talking about sports. We definitely recommend heading to see an event live though. The euphoria of the crowd is sure to help you understand what all the fuss is about!

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