Dominic Halpin single to raise money for childrens charities – ‘Ho Ho Ho It’s Christmas’

Tis the season to be jolly, and that’s certainly the mood they’re going for with this new single from songwriter Dominic Halpin. ‘Ho Ho Ho It’s Christmas’ wears its heart on its sleeve very well, taking us into the Christmas season with a real positive outlook and a cracking pop tune to boot.

The song is also raising money for an excellent cause – the Moore Foundation – designed to help ill or underprivileged children in the UK, which is admirable at this time of year. It’s a message that is included in the video without being overly ‘in your face’ – a welcome skill which has lacked in other festive charity songs….

It’s a great cause, and a fun song, which is why we’re throwing our weight behind it at Unfashionable Male. Please get it from iTunes now.

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