Entertaining pop-rock-funk download from Magazine Gap – ‘Body Language’

In pop music it seems to be an unwritten rule that the structure is more or less always the same – a lower key verse, a catchy chorus, a few extras for embellishment, and that’s about it. In many ways, the same could be said of the single from Magazine Gap – free download ‘Body Language’.

 The only slight shift in the formula here is that the chorus doesn’t hit you right away, doesn’t explode out of the verse into an overblown section with a ‘this is the catchy bit’ signpost. Instead, the chorus is subtler, growing organically out of the verse so that it’s not immediately clear it’s arrived.

The strength in doing this is that it feed directly from a rhythmic groove that’s already built up in the verse. Also, on further listens, the chorus has as much impact as many which are more clearly defined. Some may bemoan the lack of a true ‘singalong’ moment here, but overall this has the strength to go without.

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