EP Revew: Days Are Done – Closer

Emmy Kay and Adam Lewis are the latest duo to undertake the mammoth task of redefining the Americana sound for a UK audience. While many have tried before them, very few have actually succeeded in creating anything that feels authentic. Emmy and Adam, or Days Are Done as they are collectively known, succeed where so many failed. For this is four track collection is as Americana as it gets. While it may be labelled by some as folk or country, they are looking at individual components of the tracks rather than the body whole.


The secret to the duo’s success is not actually found within their genre classification, for what difference does that actually make when the music is as compelling as the four songs found within the walls of Closer.

The EP centres on the flawless harmony of Emmy and Adam. These are two individual artists who work both together and against each other within the confines of four songs. They are fully attuned to one another, yet sometimes it is the lyrical bite between them that really gets to your very core.

Though this is not really a sound that will appeal to those who only respond to radio fodder, it is a collection that we urge you to lose yourself in. Whether you wish to toe-tap to Never Let You Go or purely wilt into the wonder that is Colours.

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