EP review: Jess Thristan – ‘Side By Side’

The UK is awash with talented singer-songwriters at the moment, with our acoustic maestros jetting off around the world to break the US and various other territories armed with nothing else but a guitar and an English accent, intent on charming everyone with six strings and meaningful lyricism. One new artist who might just be joining them over the next few years is Jess Thristan.

Having already supported the brilliant Nina Nesbitt, and benefitted from winning fans at Radio 2, Thristan is an artist on the up and up. Her new EP, ‘Side By Side’, proves beyond doubt that the praise is merited.

With four tracks of high quality but differing structures and feels, this is the work of a versatile performer able to experiment within her field without straying too far from her best sound. With only four songs at this point, it’s easy to keep things varied – it will be interesting to see what she can do with a full album and whether the diversity will hold up.

This EP though shows that the album, when it comes, will be worth taking the time to get to know. If it’s anything like this EP, it will reward you.

Video for title track ‘Side by Side’:

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