#EPreview: Spencer Robinson – ‘Standing at the End of the World’

The new EP from Spencer Robinson, ‘Standing at the End of the World’, is being sold as ‘music for drinking, dying, crying, driving and dying’, and has a front cover featuring a collection of crosses in a graveyard. You could be forgiven, based on this, for thinking that making your way through this five song collection would be more hard work than enjoyable. However, give these songs time to get their claws into you, and your patience will be rewarded.


Available on iTunes and Soundcloud (above) as well as other online outlets, ‘Standing at the End of the World’ is muddy, immediate blues-rock with genuine heart. With a faltering vocal and a nice line in acoustic guitar, Robinson captures the attention with his thought provoking lyrics and pressing rhythms. Not only that, but there’s subtlety too, the harder nature of the first three tracks giving way to a lighter touch for the last two.


Give this a chance, and Spencer Robinson might just make your list of top new talents for 2017.

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