Feature album: The Lowriders

Ten full tracks of fantistic, technicolour indie, the album above is the debut from the excellent Essex based indie band The Lowriders. The self-titled release, out now, is a mix of earthy, gritty rock and airy, light electronics and effects which blend to create an album which is hard to believe is their first.

There’s a rare confidence here to try new things, one often reserved to later releases, but in the case of the Lowriders it seems their courage to try something new has paid off. Perhaps the confidence came from the fact that their debut EP, ‘I Am Soldier’, was produced after the band were headhunted to write a soundtrack for a movie of the same name. You can imagine how this vote of confidence – another professional artist seeking you out for your talent – would convince anyone they have something to offer.

In the case of The Lowriders, they definitely do. Press play above and leave the album playing in your browser to see what we mean, then get your very own copy from all good online stockists. For more info:

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