Five Of The Coolest Ways To Travel Solo

A holiday with the lads is, undeniably, a lot of fun and a great way to build strong memories and bonds with your mates. However, a man should get out there himself and see a little of the world without having to worry about who is with him. This is where we get some of the best opportunity to develop, mature, and figure out what kind of guy we are, exactly, As such, here are some ideas for those who want to get out and see the world alone, but aren’t exactly sure what that should look like.

Five Of The Coolest Ways To Travel Solo

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Take a long walk (or ride) 

Almost a time-honoured tradition for men who are just out of school or uni, backpacking has become synonymous with the experience of seeing a lot more of the world under your own initiative. Indeed, it’s one of the best ways to see multiple countries, whether travelling across Europe, America, or Asia, though it requires you to be self-sufficient, cautious, and smart. There are websites like that make it a lot easier to find hostels, cheap B&Bs, and other accessible accommodation while you’re out there, too. Backpacking takes a lot of planning and some fitness training as well to ensure you can make it all the way to the end, but few trips help you see quite as much of the world.

Head out into the wild

If you want the feeling of self-sufficiency and of exploring that backpacking offers, but you want a trip that’s more physically challenging and gets you even closure ot nature, then hiking might be the option for you. It’s one of the best ways to use your hobby to keep you active, as there are few workouts more challenging and better able to build muscle, stamina, and cardiovascular health than climbing and exploring some of the wilder types of terrain out there. Look for beginner hiking trails around you and consider taking a tent out to enjoy a camping experience that feels so much more authentic than simply driving to a camping spot.

Go on a guided tour

Just because you’re travelling solo doesn’t mean that you have to travel entirely alone. We all rely, to one degree or another, on those who know the locations we want to hit up better than us. If you want to see the absolute best of a location or to explore places that you simply wouldn’t be able to navigate alone, then guided tours can be fantastic. With teams like, you can get not only a guided tour but also the ride of a lifetime. Make no mistake, guided tours do a crucial job in making accessible some of the places we simply wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, so they’re worth it.

Reflect in an exotic location

The city break is often considered the alternative for people who want to see more of the world but who also want to be pampered by all of the comfort and luxuries expected in a top-quality city. However, a city break can also be your opportunity to get out there alone and to really sink into the culture and speed of an entirely different way of life. Try getting out of the country and even out of the continent, head to a far-flung corner of the world, and see what some of the best city breaks can offer for people who are willing to go a little further from home.

Find your holiday flame

One of the single best reasons to get away from your mates is to make sure that they don’t cramp your style while you’re trying to find room for some romance on your trips. You can strike up a conversation and maybe a little more on just about any kind of trip, but singles resorts as shown at tend to make that their number one priority. Designed to attract single men and women, with excellent nightlife, hangout spots, and activities designed to help people pair up and find out just how compatible they are, these resorts can offer you some of the sweetest vacation memories of all while helping you see more of the world.

Solo travel can be invigorating, it can be insightful, and it can be an incredible way to round out a life of diverse experiences. Each of the tips above is worth taking on its own right, but try finding just one to test the waters with, first.

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