Fred Colombo to Release Solo Album ‘Memoria’

Fred Colombo is the French-Italian songwriter/musician taking a new direction with his upcoming solo album.

Taking the leap from his previous work in hard rock and metal bands such as Spheric Universe Experience and Ghostfather, Fred is now comfortably easing his way into a more melodic scene with his new album ‘Memoria’ with hints of electronic, house and even indie.  Having started his musical career at school playing classical and jazz piano, Fred went on to make a name for himself playing both live and in the studio with various bands from a range of genres before settling into his role as keyboardist in Spheric Universe Experience and Ghostfather. After performing live all over Europe and USA with everyone from Pink Floyd tribute band Pulse to opening for rock legends The Scorpions, and having released five albums between both bands, Fred felt it was time he tried his hand at his own project. Taking inspiration from everything from fellow musicians to video games, ‘Memoria’ is set to propel Fred Colombo into new areas of the ever-expanding music scene.

‘Memoria’ is a melodic blend of all things electronic, ambient, pop and even metal. Songs like ‘Nothing Can Stop You’ and ‘In Loving Memory’ there’s evident electronic/pop influence but you’re then thrown into songs like ‘Crimson Red Scents’ and ‘Eyes Closed’ which are more of ambient origin. Other catchy tracks to look out for also include ‘Come Rain or Shine’ and ‘Winter Nights’. There’s no doubt this is an incredibly versatile album from an even more versatile musician and having already caught the attention of Threshold keyboardist, Richard West and label director, Lance King set to catch the eye of the electronic and ambient scenes everywhere.

‘Memoria’ is released 10th July 2013

For more information contact Vicky Berry on [email protected] or phone 01223 844440.

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