Get More Money When Selling Your Car With These 3 Tips!

We can talk about buying a car until the cows come home! By now, everyone should understand the rules to follow when getting your hands on a new vehicle. However, not much is said about selling your old car. It feels like most people will either get rid of it in a part-exchange or settle for hardly any money in a quick sale. Cars do drop in value from the moment you drive them, but this doesn’t mean you can’t sell yours for a decent amount. In fact, you can get more money when selling your car by following some simple tips:

Get More Money When Selling Your Car With These 3 Tips!

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Service your car one more time

Before selling your car, take it to the garage for a final servicing. This helps you identify any small issues that might be present. Fix up the repairs and leave your car in the best possible condition. People are more likely to spend money on a vehicle that doesn’t need work straight away. They want something they can hop in and drive without worrying about a tiny niggle here and there.

Also, if your car is due for an MOT, it makes sense to have it done before you sell. Again, this raises the value of your car as you have a 12-month MOT attached, meaning the buyer can get behind the wheel with confidence.

Find your full service history

If possible, try to find your car’s service history and provide it for buyers to see. This gives you a breakdown of all the times your car has been serviced in the garage. It’s very very important as it lets a buyer see the health of your vehicle. If you have a long service history showing your car is in the garage every few months, it shows there are ongoing issues. But, if you have a long history full of yearly checkups, it’s a great sign. You’ve proved your car works well and hasn’t had many problems at all. Again, this will allow you to ask for a higher price when selling.

Get More Money When Selling Your Car With These 3 Tips!

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Give your car a deep clean

Lastly, make your car look as fabulous as possible! It has to be cleaned inside and out, so consider finding a car valeting service that will do this for you. A deep clean will probably cost under £100, yet it adds serious value to your vehicle. People judge cars based on their appearance – if yours looks brand new and is completely clean, they will value it highly. You also get rid of a task for them to do, so the buyer is willing to pay more than if it was dirty.

All three of these steps will gradually increase the value of your car when selling it. It’s pretty easy, right? Follow these steps and you will be able to sell your car for a lot more than you originally thought. Will you make a profit? Probably not, but hardly anyone makes a profit when selling a car! Instead, you can reclaim as much money as possible and avoid being ripped off.

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