Get The Cellphone You Want For Less

It is much harder to function in today’s society without a cellphone. Not only is staying connected to others so much easier, but you can manage finances, get step-by-step directions, and so much more with the many apps that are available. Life is more straightforward with a cellphone, but they are expensive.

Inevitably something will happen to your phone. You might lose it or break it, or it just may wear out because it is old. You may want to upgrade to a phone that has more features or storage. Whatever your reason for wanting a new phone, you may be putting it off because of the price.

New phones can cost upwards of $1,000 for the latest models. If you buy through a carrier, you can make payments on it for a year or two instead of paying upfront, but that is still a lot of money. And if you ever need to switch carriers or get a new phone, you first have to pay off the other one. Buying used and refurbished phones from Mazuma instead of brand new ones can cut that cost way down. It also comes with some additional benefits.

Get The Cellphone You Want For Less

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Huge Savings

Buying a used phone will cut your cost by at least half – sometimes more. This means that your phone might come with a few dents or other cosmetic flaws, but the money you save will allow you to get whatever case you want to hide those imperfections.

Larger Storage

Buying a new cellphone from a carrier will usually mean it comes with 32GB storage standard. If you want to upgrade that to more storage, say 128GB, it will typically cost you $100 or more. When you buy a used phone, this is not the case. You can upgrade to the more significant storage option for only $40 or $50 when you buy used. Combine that with the overall savings on the phone, and that money really adds up!

Environmentally Friendly

Electronic waste is a huge problem facing our environment. A large portion of that waste is made up of old cell phones. Electronic waste sits in landfills, and toxins and chemicals get into the ground and water from there. This can cause bigger problems down the road that stretch far beyond overcrowded landfills. Buying a used phone keeps that phone from ending up in a landfill and is a small step to be more environmentally friendly. 

Less Worry

Especially if you are buying a phone for one of your children, the odds of it getting dropped and damaged in some way is huge. This can be a cause of stress if it is a new phone because the cost of replacing it and the money lost is high. You can lessen this worry by buying a used phone because then it is not as big of a concern if it gets damaged somehow. This is a good idea not only for kids but also if you tend to be accident-prone with your phones.

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