Getting Creative With Nothing But an iPhone

Some people blame iPhones and smartphones in general for putting an end to creativity. People can spend so much time on their phones that they end up forgetting what’s really important – family, friends, hobbies, and the like. Being creative is something that all of us are born to do, even if it doesn’t feel like it. However, rather than seeing iPhones as something that is killing creativity, they can be something to help improve it.

In fact, there are lots of things you can do with an iPhone in lieu of expensive equipment. Take a look and you’ll see how you can do this:


Photography is an extremely creative profession, and of course, if you’re going to take it seriously then you should invest in a camera. However, there are so many amazing things you can do with an iphone – it’s a great way to start and see how you feel about the hobby. Here’s how to do it:

  • Find a great location – it should not be too distracting, and outside is usually best to take advantage of the natural light
  • Switch up your angles – get creative with where you stand and where your subject stands
  • Use portrait mode – if you have it. Not everybody does unless you have a fairly new iPhone. That being said, you’re probably able to download an app that will work just as well.
  • Learn to edit – editing is something you can practice to make the pictures you snap even better. However, there’s a fine line. Try not to photoshop your subjects, rather, get rid of distracting things in the background and do things that will make your picture stand out.
  • Use a tripod – if you’re serious about snapping some really cool shots, investing in a tripod could be a good idea.

Getting Creative With Nothing But an iPhone


Make A Movie

If you’ve always wanted to direct a film, now’s your chance. You could be the next Greta Gerwig or Guy Ritchie – and you don’t need to buy an expensive camera or even hire a crew. Making a movie means simply getting creative:

  • See if there are any friends that would like to collaborate with you – some may provide a script, or they might simply like to act in your movie
  • Get the right lighting – if you’re filming indoors, then the right lighting is going to be important. You can fake it with a few lamps, but if you’re serious about this turning out good then you might want to buy a softbox or two.
  • Invest in microphones – the only issue with having an iphone to film on is hearing people’s voices. If you create a film with no talking that could work, but if you need dialogue, buying small microphones and clipping them to your friends will help.
  • Edit – you will need to edit your film if you want it to look good. Practice doing this with footage you don’t need beforehand so you have a good idea of what you need to do. Making a list of shots before you start filming will ensure you have everything you need.

Of course, you don’t need any of the above if you don’t want it. If all you have is yourself and your iPhone, you will still be able to make a short movie – put it on YouTube and see what happens.

Catalogue All Of Your Creative Ideas

If you consider yourself a creative person, your iPhone can be used as a sort of creative journal that you use to store all of your ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of getting one of the popular SIM Only Deals – you don’t need to be on contract to do this.

  • Curate inspirational feeds that give you ideas – you can use Instagram, Pinterest, and more
  • Use apps like Evernote to write down all of your ideas and include pictures that inspire you, too
  • You can even use voice memos to catalogue your ideas

Whatever you do, make sure you check your ideas regularly and don’t forget about them. You never know what they could be!

Try to get really creative and create your own category, whether it’s picture, films, or something entirely different. You can download all kinds of apps to help you be more creative with just an iPhone, so start experimenting and see what you can do. You might be surprised!

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