Give the Pub a Miss This Weekend and Try Something New

Most of us don’t have all too much lined up on the weekends. Sure, there’s always that one person in the office who’ll show off the wide array of alternative activities they’re getting up to. But the majority of us will head to the pub on a Friday or Saturday night and chill out and relax on a Sunday. This can be fun. But haven’t you ever found yourself wanting to try something a little new? It’s important to keep a little interest in your life and mix things up a bit from time to time. So why not suggest something different this weekend? Here are just a few ideas you can put forward to your friends to keep things exciting!

Give the Pub a Miss This Weekend and Try Something New

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Okay, this is a pretty physical one. It’ll involve running around, jumping, ducking, diving and maybe even a little climbing. But it’ll definitely get the adrenaline pumping. Paintballing is a full day out where you can form closer bonds with your pals and create experiences and stories to laugh at going forward. Look for proper ranges that have the best paintball pistols with all the extras like smoke effect grenades. One last tip – keep your goggles on. They’re there for a reason and will protect your eyes.

The Arcade

People tend to associate the arcades and arcade games with the 80s. Many of us stopped using these kinds of facilities when video games for the home were launched. But the arcade is still fun and it’s definitely worth popping in and exchanging a note for some change. Air hockey, basketball hoops, Pacman and Super Mario Kart tend to be just a few of the options on offer to try your hand at.


Many arcades are attached to bowling alleys, so maybe you can incorporate this into your free time too. Bowling is simple but competitive enough to be fun. It’ll give you time to talk to your friends while you’re sat on the bench, but also keeps you occupied and gives you something to do. If you end up going regularly, you could all get pretty good!

An Art Gallery

Most cities have an art gallery. Of course, if you live in a major city, you’re more likely to see some big works by big names. But even galleries in smaller cities can be quaint and have some beautiful works. So, head to your nearest one. They’re often free and some can have some seriously impressive exhibits.

A Market

Why save markets for Christmas time? There are often all sorts of markets all around the year that you can attend. So, keep an eye out for them. These make perfect gift fairs, so if you and a friend need to shop for another friend’s upcoming birthday, this could be a practical and fun solution.

Of course, the pub is fun from time to time. But mix things up every once in a while! Hopefully, some of the above ideas have given you a little inspiration and will help to brighten up a weekend or two.

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