Here are some Surprising Features of the Range Rover Evoque

We all know that Land Rovers don’t compromise. That’s why the Range Rover Evoque has such a superior design. If you want to find out what else it can offer, then take a look below.

It’s the First SUV/Crossover with Adjustable Suspension

When you drive the Range Rover Evoque you will soon find that it prioritizes comfort and handling. It’s a real stand-out choice when compared to other vehicles on the market and it is very unique too.

Here are some Surprising Features of the Range Rover Evoque

It can Drive through Half a Meter of Water

Another interesting point about the Range Rover Evoque is that it can easily drive through half a meter of water. It’s as tough as the Sport and it can handle itself very well. If you love off-road driving or if you want to find a car that you can push to the limits then this one certainly won’t disappoint.

Here are some Surprising Features of the Range Rover Evoque

It can Handle Steep Inclines

The Range Rover Evoque can transverse steep inclines with ease. It can also descend on some of the toughest terrain without struggling. The Evoque is fitted with Descent Control and even a Gradient Release control too. It has an impressive take-off and when you look at the departure angle you will soon see that it is the best out of any crossover. This means that you won’t have to worry about it ever breaking a sweat. If you want to upgrade your Range Rover Evoque then check out Czok.

It can Self-Park

That’s right. The Range Rover Evoque can self-park, which makes it a dream in tight or awkward parking situations. You can let go of the wheel and let this car self-park in a space that is only 1.2 times its own length. This is a useful feature to say the least and it is remarkable to see how far the series has come in recent years.

The Lightest Model

The lightest model out of the Range Rover Evoque range only actually weighs 1600KG. The Evoque comes with an aluminium hood and it even has plastic front wings too. It has a composite tailgate, and this helps to keep the weight down. This is all made possible without compromising fuel economy or even performance.

It’s Able to Handle the Pressure

The Evoque has over 10 years of driving pressure built into the custom rig. It’s also been subject to 149MPH blizzards and -40 degrees Celsius temperatures. It’s driven through ice in Sweden, and even deserts in Dubai.  It’s even been tested in Tokyo too, so if you want a car that is well and truly reliable then you should have no problem at all investing in this model.

It’s Designed for Comfort

It’s more than possible for you to program the heater so that it comes on before you get in the car. This is ideal for those chilly mornings, and it’s packed full of Infotainment from InControl too. This alone makes it a standout choice for anyone who wants a car that can really pack a punch.

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