How to Get Your Training ‘Mojo’ Back

Most people have tried physical training at some point in their lives.  I bet you your bottom dollar that at some point you have got stuck with a goal that you have set yourself.  It may be a weight that you still cannot lift.  Maybe you have set yourself a target to bench 250 but you still seem to be stuck on 220 for weeks.

Most of us have been there.  If this happens to be the case, I have put together 10 essential tips that will help you skyrocket your motivation.  On the other hand, if you have been away from the gym for a prolonged period, my tips will help you in get back into an effective routine; remain focused and on-target throughout your training regime.


1. Keep a Record of Your Progress From The Outset

Avoid visualizing any barriers that you may have in black and white.  Instead you should keep a simple log.  This way you will see yourself make dramatic progress in a matter of a few workouts.  Putting your goals in writing will ensure that you drive yourself harder to get there.


2. Get Yourself a Training Partner

A lot of people prefer to train on their own.  I always recommend training in twos, preferably with a person who has similar goals to yourself or somebody who is already in a regimented training routine.  Having another person with similar mindset training alongside you will keep on encouraging you and in the long run help you progress quicker.

If you are training with a partner, you could be inspiring them (without even realizing) by breaking barriers and this will make you work harder for both you and your partner.  Another benefit of having a training-partner is that you will not fear pushing heavier weights than you would do if you were training on your own.


3. Listen To Music Whilst Training

Most gyms, for some bizarre reason do not really play songs that are very motivating for training.  Scientific studies into physical training have revealed that playing your own music consisting of your favorite tunes will energize your body to do more.  Whether you prefer hard metal, hip hop or any other genre that normally gets you going, add those tunes to your playlist and listen to them before and during your training.  I promise that you will be pumped up to hit your target that you have been striving for.


4. Set Yourself Deadlines

This is very important.  If you know that you must do something by a certain date or time, this will automatically make you work harder at it.  But be realistic with yourself.  If you want to bench 250 by next week and you are only pushing 180 this week will not really work.  Set yourself realistic targets which will inspire you to give your maximum during every workout.



5. Gamble a Little!

Make a bet with a loved one that you can meet your goal by a certain date.  If you win, they have to buy you something and if you lose, then you have to do the same for the other person.  I know this sounds a bit corny but if you know that there is a reward at stake, you will work much harder than if you didn’t have an incentive.  If there is competition or prize involved, we as humans will instinctively ‘up’ our gear and try to reach for that carrot!


6. Alternate Your Workout

Most people get stuck in a rut because they keep doing the same thing for a while and this very quickly becomes mundane.  If this is the case, I suggest that you research and adopt new routines.  The web is full of millions of health and fitness sites.  You are sure to find something new.  Alternatively, if your gym offers personal trainers, book a session with one of them.  Ask them to formulate a 3-month plan that will rejuvenate your focus and motivation.  After 3 months, devise a new routine and continue where the previous plan left off.

Something as simple as the order in which you train your muscle groups could ultimately be the difference between being stuck in a quagmire for another week and moving onto the next level to aim for that next target.


7.  Change Your Thought Process

Remove the “I hope” and the “I wish” or the “I will try” from your mindset altogether.  These words do nothing apart from setting you up for failure.  I know that this again sounds a bit corny, maybe a bit cheesy, but it definitely has a subliminal psychological impact on your attitude towards your training.  Be more positive and keep it simple with the “today I will do this” attitude and I promise this will have a direct bearing on your progress.


8. Talk To Your Peers

Nothing equates to experience.  You will not find a better ‘source’ than talking to somebody who has already done what you are striving for.  Ask that person if they will take a few minutes to talk to you.  Tell them what you are doing.  Find out if what you are doing is the correct way or is there a better way of doing it.  Are you missing something?

The benefit of talking to somebody who is experienced is that it will instill an unshakable belief within you that your goal is very achievable.  This will motivate you even more to do it.  Remember the old saying…”if he can do, I can do it”.


9.  Visualize Your Training Routine

The saying “the mind is a powerful thing” is very poignant where embarking on a training regime.  If you can clearly visualize yourself doing something in your mind, you will be able to do it in real life.  I don’t mean visualizing you flying like superman, because that just will not happen.  Be real in your visualization.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself running 6 miles, 2 miles more than you did last week.  Imagine how you’re breathing, how your feet are pounding the ground (or treadmill), how hot you feel and the pain of the acid building in your knees but you just keep going…

Do this a few minutes before you actually begin training and I promise you that you will feel stronger and more confident to just keep going.


10. Have a Rest

There will be days when it’s just not happening.  You may need to take a break from your weight training routine and rest and re-energize yourself.  Sometimes just walking away from it all is the best thing you can do.  Take a couple of days off or even a week with a view to getting your motivation back.

This is normally quite difficult because once you leave the regularity of your training regime it is often difficult to get back into the swing of things.  Try to keep your break as short as is necessary.  Once you return to the gym, you will be mentally and physically rejuvenated which will help you prepare for your next goal.


I have personally used the above tips for most of my adult life and I can tell you that they do work.  It is the little things that you wouldn’t normally think of that make the big difference.  Regardless of whether you are trying to achieve muscle growth or lose that extra few pounds of fat, by implementing one or more of my tips will help break any future barriers easier and quicker.  I hope you enjoyed reading this article.  You can view more of my articles on

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