How to Put the Fun Back in Driving

There’s much to love about driving, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always a ride of fun. Sometimes, driving can begin to feel a little old, a little tired, a little, dare we say, boring. However, as long as we always remember that it’s an inherently enjoyable activity, we’ll be good — we’ll just need to find ways to make it more fun and enjoyable. And when it comes to driving, that’s not too difficult! Below, we take a look at some tried and tested tips for freshening up your driving experience when it’s beginning to feel a little bit dull.

How to Put the Fun Back in Driving


Take a Trip

We’re all full of responsibilities, and to do them, we often need to have a car. Driving to work, dropping the kids off at sports training, doing the weekly shop — they all require a set of wheels. The car becomes a practical addition to our life, not something that’s infused with fun. As such, it’s worthwhile occasionally taking a trip that’s based entirely on good times. There’s nothing that’ll make you fall in love with your vehicle — not to mention life — better than an awesome road trip. Plan a route, pack up the car, and head out for a few days of leisure driving.

Change the Commute

One of the biggest complaints about driving is when you’re in your car, but not moving. No-one enjoys bumper to bumper traffic, yet this is how many of us spend the bulk of our time in our vehicle. If the commute is bringing you down, then why not look at mixing things up, and taking a different route? There might be a way to the office that has less traffic and better views. Even if it takes slightly more time, it’ll be worth it if you’re no longer dreading the journey.

Mix Up The Vehicle

It’s easy to put all the blame on the other cars on the road, but what about the one we’re driving in? If we’re getting from A to B in a banged up car that’s full of scuff marks and dirt, then it’ll be little wonder if we’re not fully enjoying the experience. If you’re in this position, then take a look at changing things up a little. A deep clean or service will make things feel like new again, as will improving the car’s infotainment system. Alternatively, you could look at the car selection at, and pick up a new set of wheels. You’ll find driving to be much more pleasant if you enjoy the vehicle that you’re driving around in.

Handbrake On

Finally, if it’s all beginning to feel like a drag, why not take a break for a week or so? It’s always a good idea to take a step back every now and again from the things we love — it gives us the space we need to remind ourselves of why we love it. Plus, you’ll be running back to your vehicle after you’ve been reliant on public transport for a few days….

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