How Updating Your Style Can Help You Live More Authentically

We’re told in life not to judge a book by its cover, that looks can be deceptive and that we should do more than skim the surface of how things appear. But realistically, looks and the way we perceive things are important. We make snap judgements about things and people based on appearances on a subconscious level, we don’t even realise we’re doing it. When you feel that the image you’re portraying to the world is an accurate representation of who you are, it helps you to live authentically and can actually make you happier. Here are a few upgrades or changes you could consider making to achieve this.

Your home

A person’s home gives off so many clues about who they are, from the decor to the colours to the layout and even the cleanliness. What does yours say about you? Are you proud to have visitors over or are you embarrassed or ashamed? Clear out the clutter and give it a fresh coat of paint, replace old floor coverings and update the decor to pieces that you love. If you’re really stuck, an interior designer can help you to bring your vision to life, or you could recreate a style you love online. Plants that you find interesting, a bookcase showcasing your favourite novels, trinkets from your travels and other bits and pieces could all show who you are through your home.

How Updating Your Style Can Help You Live More Authentically


Your car

You don’t have to drive around in the newest and most expensive car, but why drive a banger if you don’t have to? You might have your reasons for holding onto your old vehicle, maybe it has sentimental value, it might be reliable or cheap to run. But if you’re able to, buying something a little nicer could be a real treat. Check out used car dealers like Ron Skinner and see if there’s anything that grabs your attention, if you can afford an upgrade then it’s something to look into. Our car is another way to show our style and personality, chances are you’ll be happier driving something that you feel suits you.

Your style

Have you been wearing your hair the same way since college? If you’ve lost or gained some weight or your hair has started thinning, chances are it doesn’t suit you as much as it once did. Trends have probably come and gone since then so it could also look a little dated. Consider a new style based on what suits you now rather than what looked great fifteen years ago. Your facial hair is another area you could change up, if you’re always clean shaven why not try a beard or a bit of stubble? If you’ve been rocking a full beard for years then what about trying clean shaven? The same is true with your clothes, you don’t have to be massively fashion forward but making an effort with your appearance can really boost self esteem. Even if you’re a casual kind of guy, some smart new jeans and sneakers rather than beat up old ones will instantly transform the way you look.

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