Innovative Experimental Singer & Songwriter Richard Rhys O’Brien Releases new Single “Sense in Our Brains”

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Richard Rhys O’Brien continues to make thought provoking and heart warming music with his latest single “Sense in Our Brains” recently released to much anticipation.  Deep, thoughtful music still exists and O’Brien is proving over and over again he is a master of it.


From global economist and futurist to a singer and songwriter producing some of the most memorable songs of recent memory.  Enter Richard Rhys O’Brien, an artist who has yet to fail to inspire thought and emotion with his music, a kind of pop divorced from time and space.  O’Brien recently released his new single “Sense in Our Brains”, clearly in the same vein as some of his earlier work like “Cloud on the Horizon” and “It’s a Dangerous World”, but with an impact and impression all of its own.

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“We’re very happy about ‘Sense in our Brains’ and how it serves as an introduction to our coming album later this year,” commented the talented songwriter.  “The message is clear – can we keep civilization on track?  And beyond that, is anyone listening at all?”


In addition to his trademark vocals, O’Brien’s colleagues show their immense talent on the new single as well.  Bruce Knapp’s guitar complements O’Brien’s keyboards expertly, Callie Howard’s ethereal backing vocals never fail to deliver and the steady rhythm of Tony Shepherd’s drums and Richard Sadler’s bass continues to be the foundation of O’Brien’s musical expression.


With his previous albums “I Know a Little Place” and “Anguneau Sunset” being warmly embraced by both fans and critics, “Sense in Our Brains” points toward this momentum continuing well into the future, an area Richard Rhys O’Brien has proven himself quite an expert in.


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