Insurance & The World’s Priciest Cars

Have you ever wondered how much it might cost to insure one of the most expensive cars in the world? If you aspire to riches and a sparkling new Aston Martin or Bugatti in your garage, this might be of concern to you one day down the road! And even if you never end up with your dream car, it’s an interesting topic to explore.

In many cases, if you talk to a popular insurance provider like Aviva, you might actually be surprised at how reasonable insurance for overpriced cars can be. One study on the subject looked at various insurance rates for a 2013 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster, which can cost in excess of $200,000. Shockingly, the lowest insurance option came in at $2,350 per year! This is price was the low end of the spectrum, but it’s certainly more reasonable than most would expect.

For concept cars and brand new models from top car manufacturers, however, car costs can be closer to $1 million than $100,000. In these instances, “umbrella insurance” is often the way to go. This is a type of insurance that is sometimes utilized when complete liability (for home and auto insurance) exceeds ordinary insurance limits. But this is a more complex option that only applies in rare cases.

Meanwhile, just for fun (and if you want to do your own searching for various auto insurance rates) here’s a look at 5 of the most expensive cars in the world in 2013.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Available for a whopping $2.4 million, the Veyron Super Sport is one of the most expensive cars in existence, and is also the fastest one that you can legally drive. The top speed is 267.8 mph.

Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Aston Martin One-77

With a similar visual aesthetic to other modern Aston Martins, this model is special largely in that only 77 of them have been made. The car is equipped with a V12 engine that boosts it to 750 horsepower – quite a bit of power for such a sleek and classy car.

Lamborghini Reventon

Unfortunately, Lamborghini produced a mere 20 models of this exceptional sports car, so you’d be lucky to ever see one, let alone purchase one! The car goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, and looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

Maybach Landaulet

At $1.38 million, the Maybach Landaulet is the most expensive sedan on the planet, and feels (and looks) like a personal limousine. Of course, you’ll have to drive it yourself, but you certainly won’t mind with this car’s handling.

Ferrari LaFerrari
If this car was hard to get because of its estimated $1.3 million price tag, it will be made even more difficult due to the fact that only 499 of them are going to be made. The catch? This is a hybrid! The most expensive hybrid car ever made, Ferrari LaFerrari tops out at 217 mph.

Ferrari LaFerrari
Ferrari LaFerrari (Photo credit: Lucinho Photography)

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