Interview: Tempus

In a recent interview with, four piece indie band Tempus spoke about their journey so far, their latest single, their future plans and a whole bunch more. Here’s what they had to say:

TempusVery Talented For A Group Of 16-17 Year Olds, When Did You Start?

Danny (Guitar): Thank you for the compliment, well it all started with me and Toby entering a competition which was called ‘Stars In your Eyes’. It was just electric guitar and vocals. We won the competition. Then a mate of ours started to learn the drums and we got together. We then got in touch with a lad called Alex, who was a bass player. We entered a competition called ‘Centre Stage’ and it all started from there.

Have You Ever Had Anything Released Before?

Toby (Vocals): We recorded an EP at a studio called DPS in Leeds. It was good experience for us and we really enjoyed recording there. We released it to our fans and got a good response.

How Did It Feel Then To Step Into The Studio This Time?

Toby: We felt more professional because we were recording with very experienced lads at Big Small Noise in Hebden Bridge. The finish product sounds mint! We really appreciate it!

Why ‘Come True Fantasy’?

Danny: I wrote the song on how people judge each other in the world today. The message of the song says it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like etc., everyone is still equal but no one realises that which is why it is a come true fantasy for it to change, but it is never going to happen.

What Are Your Plans When It Is Released?

Toby: just to get the word around and also we are recording a music video sometime soon so we’re going to get that out there.

Who Writes Then?

Toby: It’s me and Danny who write the songs but everyone plays a part when we are putting the music to the lyrics.

You Gig A lot Locally. Any Memorable Gigs That You Can Remember?

Danny: we played at the Cavern in Liverpool which was such an amazing gig. We got to go sightseeing as well which was fun. It was also a good experience because we played at the home of the Beatles and we had our own backstage area. We met some sound people there as well.

Any Gigs Coming Up?

Toby: We are playing at the Irish club tonight (in Halifax), doors open at 7:30, tickets are £4 on the door. It should be a good night. We also have a residency at Maggie’s Bar in Halifax for a few months which is really cool.

So If We Want To Hear More From You Where Can We Find You?

Danny: you can find us on Twitter and you can also find us on Facebook

To listen to the teaser of ‘Come True Fantasy’ here is it is

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