Jasonrockcity Pays Homage to the World of Hip-Hop with New Mini Album

Experimental folk duo Jasonrockcity have taken their love of hip-hop to a new level with their collection of covers ‘Gold Digger & Other Hip-Hop Joints of Distinction’.

Continuing the genres ever evolving nature, the pair have taken seven classic tracks and molded them to their sound. A genre which members Jason Applin and Debbie Brown are both truly fond of, it was hip-hop that brought them together some years ago. Inspired
by Mark Kozelek’s own acoustic covers of AC/DC classics, the decision was made for Jasonrockcity to cover their favourite hip-hop tunes.

Opening with Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’, Jasonrockcity’s quirky take on these well known songs is clear. One of the more unashamedly fun songs on the mini album, the song combines playful synthesisers, rough guitar and the interweaving vocals of Applin and Brown. Moving into N.E.R.D.’s ‘Lap Dance’ the mood is rather different. Taking the track beyond recognition, it is transformed into a quite beautiful piece with focus on delicate acoustic guitar and drifting vocals. The duo takes a similar approach to the Beastie Boys ‘Fight For Your Right To Party’. A subtle mix of ukulele, shakers and xylophone, it is a slow burner which the listener can lose themselves in.

The third project of member Jason Applin, this mini album is a far cry from his other work as a member of indie group Union Starr and noise merchants Damn Damn Patriots. Certainly ‘Gold Digger…’ highlights his abilities and range as an artist, making for a
breathtakingly engaging listen.

‘Gold Digger & Other Hip-Hop Joints of Distinction’ is set for release on May 17th. Jasonrockcity can be seen live at the Lenny Beige Caberet at the Playboy Club, London on May 16th. Watch the video for ‘Gold Digger’  click here.

For more information contact Vicky Berry on [email protected] or phone 01223 844440

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