Award-winning multi-hyphenate, and member of eclectic production group Swim Team, JDP has released his brand new single ‘Get U Some’ today. The track, which is about finding things that make us truly happy and free, is the first to be revealed from the forthcoming album ‘Where Were You When’.

JDP has always been inspired to include lines which signpost cultural experiences happening around the world, as well as some of his greatest influences. One in particular is the works of spoken word artist Gil Scott-Heron.

JDP said:  “Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” is so impactful that even if people don’t know the man, they know the phrase. In the hook I’m saying “the revolution is on the floor, not televised, and when your bodies in my hand, it never lies.” Because sometimes people only give themselves permission to let go and find some freedom on the dancefloor.”

Born on Chicago’s South Side, JDP started writing short stories and poetry as a child. “My love for music began to grow and I started turning these stories into songs. I’d invite all of the people I knew made music at school over to my grandmother’s house as she had a HP computer with the microphone on the screen. We’d rap over instrumentals on CD until I took up producing and really focused on making solid songs.”

Having made music for the past 10 years, JDP has drawn influence from a wide variety of musicians, from Frank Sinatra to Kanye West. “My grandmother and my great aunt played a lot of Sinatra so I just remember hearing all of his songs when I was young and the warmth that came from them. Also the emotion and singing the songs like he was meant every word always stuck with me, he didn’t write the songs but you can tell he lived them.”

Listen to ‘Get U Some’ here

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