Jene Caster to Release Long Awaited Album ‘Turn Faith to Love’


Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and produced by John Nicholson, ‘Turn Faith to Love’ is the wonderful new album from Jene Caster.


Jene Caster was born into a world where calling someone ‘an artist’ was said with disgust as opposed to admiration; where his mother disapproved of her son becoming the musician he is today. After an upbringing that taught him that music is an indecent career, Jene turned everything around when he was caught with a piano he’d painted on some paper sheets in a desperate attempt to teach himself the instrument. Jene began breaking into the music class room at school and teaching himself the piano in complete darkness from fear of attracting the attentions of the janitors and teachers. As he began to practice more regularly, the janitor started leaving the music room door unlocked until Jene had finished playing, she even said she liked his music.


Turn Faith to Love’ is a nine track album full of inspirational lyrics, catchy riffs and hearty harmonica. Beginning with a soft introduction, a finger picking section leading into a fuller sounding rhythmic guitar section accompanied by an easy-listening beat, ‘In Your Arms’ is a gentle song written with real passion. Not all songs are gentle though, songs like ‘Sitting on the Couch’ and ‘Lord, I Love You Too’ which both have a distinct foot-tap urging beat. ‘Turn Faith to Love’ is certainly an upbeat pop rock album with a religious twist, inspirational and motivating-this album is sure to catch the attention of Christian rock fans everywhere.


Jene, you truly are a poet.”- Chip Davis, songwriter


For more information please contact Vicky Berry on [email protected] or phone 01223 844440.

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