Jess Thristan set to record new single ‘The Shield’ with Grammy winning producer

Having self-released 3 EPs over the last year or so, Jess Thristan has been getting attention in all the right places. Her DIY recorded sound and intimate live shows have gained praise wherever they’ve been heard, and she’s now set to put together her first studio recording for release later this year. The single, ‘The Shield’, has the potential to see Thristan become a break out artist – so before that happened, we thought we’d best have a word.


Your vocal is pure, delicate and skilled – is it something that came naturally or have you had to work on honing that sound?

Jess Thristan: I’ve never had any professional voice coaching, so you could say it’s natural, however I take a lot of advice from people I’m surrounded by and influenced by. I also practice all the time at making my voice as good as it can be!

Your first three EPs were recorded in a home studio – what are you most looking forward to about getting into the studio proper for the first time?

JT: Recording with my own equipment was great – it gave me insight into the production of the music, but I’m so excited to start working in a professional studio! I think it’s going to add to my music and it also gives me chance to try out new ideas and sounds that I haven’t been able to before!

You’re set to be produced by Grammy award winning Steve Chrisantou – how does that feel?

JT: It feels so cool and exciting! I’ve never had the chance to write and record with anybody else, so it’s going to be a great opportunity to combine ideas with somebody else and see what comes of it! The fact that I’m able to work with Steve is mind blowing!

One of your previous EPs – a Christmas release – was released to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation – what made you choose this charity?

JT: I chose Make-A-Wish Foundation because I’ve always been an admirer of everything they do for sick and terminally ill children. I think it’s such a brilliant idea and someday I hope I can help out with the charity a lot more! It’s an incredibly worthwhile charity and so, for me, there was no question of who to choose.

You’ve picked up excellent support from the likes of Michael Vaughan and Nina Nesbitt, who selected you personally to support her – what do you think it is that makes you stand out?

JT: Ha! Yes, it’s been crazy. I like to promote myself as much as I can and I use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to my advantage – I’m never off them. When I saw Nina was running a competition to be a support act, I jumped at the chance and made sure she knew who I was and how I sounded – I never expected she’d pick me but it was amazing when she did and then invited me back a second time.

So far, where is your favourite venue to play?

JT: I’ve played a lot of venues around Manchester and Leeds. One of my all-time favourite venues is a venue in Manchester called The Cinnamon Club – I’ve performed there a few times and it’s lovely! I also just played my first gig in London at The Barfly in Camden and it was incredible! It’s a great venue. They’re probably my top two venues I’ve played so far!

How long have you been writing your own material?

JT: I’ve been writing my own music for about 4 years, now. I got my first guitar in April 2010 and from then I taught myself to play and that really started off my writing properly.

There’s an acoustic version of your track online now –– when are you planning on releasing the single?

JT: We’re planning on releasing the new single in a few months time! I’m so excited!

If people like what they hear, where else they can find you online?

JT: You can find my music on iTunes and Bandcamp and I have a YouTube channel, too, where I post videos a lot! I’m also on Twitter and Facebook!


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