Joe Rhinewine tears up the rulebook with new EP ‘Songs from NowHere’

When an artist comes along and it’s hard to tell whether they’re brilliant, or just a shambles, then that artist is definitely somebody worth listening to and forming an opinion on. Joe Rhinewine is just such an artist, completely sidestepping genre conventions with his blend of creative ideas.

‘In the Box (Put It)’ is his latest single, and a fine example of what we mean. On one part it’s drily funny, and holds some really solid blues work. But, learning that the vocal is largely improvised over such a high quality foundation is likely to turn some people off.

The jury may be out based on this track, but one thing’s for sure – it’s intriguing enough to warrant a listen to the full EP. ‘Songs from NowHere’ is out now (Amazon).

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