Jules Knight follows up album release with Gary Barlow/Tim Rice penned single

Jules Knight Its only lifeHaving already impressed with his classical pop laden album ‘Change of Heart’, Jules Knight (formerly known as Holby City’s Dr Harry Tressler) yesterday released his latest single ‘It’s Only Life’.

Written by Sir Tim Rice and Mr Gary Barlow, the single is a pure pop hit in waiting. Originally written a number of years ago for Katherine Jenkins, the song was recorded in the wrong key which made it more suitable for a male vocal. At the time, Jules Knight was part of four piece male vocal group Blake, who were offered the chance to record it instead.

Blake never took the opportunity, but the song has stayed in Jules Knight’s head ever since. He returned to it as soon as he decided to release a solo album, and now it’s being released as a brand new single.

Lush, flowing pop with a touch of sadness, the song shares many elements with Barlow’s lifelong sting of huge ballads, making it a perfect platform for Jules Knight to show his vocal talents.

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