Keep Your Car On The Road With Regular Maintenance

In the movie Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner is told ‘If you build they will come.’ Changing the phrasing just a little bit may help to reinforce this article after you read it. Think of your car in this manner, ‘if you properly maintain it, it will run.’ To avoid becoming the next car on the side of the road because of mechanical issues, below you will find some helpful hints to keep your Dodge running in peak condition.


Before setting off for a day on the road, kick the tires literally. Make sure they are correctly inflated. Depending on the temperature of the day, the heat may cause the tire to inflate beyond safe limits.  If this happens let some of the air out, so the pressure can balance out and your tire won’t blow out.


Perhaps the biggest safety feature on any vehicle is its brake system. You will want to have your brake pads checked, and changed if needed, on a regular basis. Regular maintenance of your brakes will help prevent costly repairs in the future.


Regardless of the weather, changing your oil on a regular basis is very important for the general health of your vehicle. If you let the engine sit too long without the oil being changed, it may decrease the life of your vehicle. For those who consider themselves pretty well versed in vehicle mechanics, you may even complete this task in your yard. Note, if you live in a development or other location with a homeowners association, make sure that you maintain your vehicle without breaking rules.

Transmission Fluid

Make sure you keep your transmission full and changed regularly.

Air Conditioning System

Once the warm weather settles in for the season, you are likely going to be relying upon your vehicle’s air conditioner to keep you and your passengers comfortable on the road. Prior to it getting extremely hot, make sure you have a mechanic look over your air conditioner. You may also want to have the system flushed and refilled to ensure that it will last you through the season.

Regularly maintain your Dodge is important during the year, but especially during the heat of the summer. If you have any questions or concerns or just need a reliable mechanic for your vehicle, contact your local Dodge service center. Their staff will know exactly how to keep you on the road.

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