Keeping Your Car In Top Condition During Lockdown

Since March, many of us have been confined largely to our homes and this means that for a lot of us – we haven’t had to fill up the tank in our car since spring.

If however you don’t want your car to gather dust and become neglected in your driveway during winter it is important for you to consider taking steps to maintain it.


Like any other asset, your car needs love and attention to stay in tip tip shape and we want to explain to you how you can keep your car in brilliant condition this winter.

These are our simple tips to ensuring your car doesn’t rust and wither away while we are all stuck in lockdown.

Go for a drive

With the current rules and regulations in the UK, it is not advised for any of us to travel outside our local area – or unless necessary. However, if you haven’t driven your car for more than a couple of weeks you run the risk of the battery dying. Consider taking an hour drive once a week in your local borough to help keep the engine running smoothly and this will make a massive difference to your car and will keep the battery healthy.

Touch up the paintwork

Now is the perfect time to fully inspect your car and look for those small chips and cracks in the paintwork where you may have bumped into something or suffered from rocks hitting your car. Take some time in the afternoon to touch up the paintwork with t-cut in the colour of your vehicle. You can find this easily online at Halfords and it won’t cost too much to completely rework your paint job this winter.

Clean the inside

Whether your car is one you have purchased or you have opted for in stock car leasing, it is important to keep it clean if you take pride in your possession. Now is the ideal time for you to clean the inside of your car thoroughly; vacuuming the space as well as taking out your rugs to give them a wash. You may struggle to reach smaller spaces in your car where dust gathers – however you can take a thin skewer with a dettol wipe wrapped around the end to get these annoying bits of grit out.

Go to a car wash

If you really want to give your car some love this winter while in lockdown, why not go to a car wash and give it a full treatment? Drive through car washes such as Asda will offer the works and you’ll be able to come home with a car fit for a king.

Use good quality fuel

If your car is a prize possession to you – it is important for you to look after it both inside and out. The quality of fuel inside your car can vary massively from one fuel station to another – and you’ll notice watered down fuel will run out much quicker and cost you a lot more money. The next time you fill up your car consider premium fuel or if you have a membership, try Costco. Better quality fuel will last longer as well as be a brilliant way to keep your car healthy.

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