‘Last Human’ album out now from TK Lawrence & Rosemary Station

Based in Orlando Florida TK Lawrence is a rock songwriter with a big sound and a lot of experience. His new album with band Rosemary Station is titled ‘Last Human’, stacked full of rock anthems with a vocal and style that recalls Bowie and impactful guitar lines reminiscent of early U2.



For a taster of the album, check out one of the lead tracks, ‘All To You’:



Kicking in immediately with the looping guitar lines and powerful drums that set the scene for a song full of momentum, ‘All To You’ is a perfect introduction to a truly rocking album. The soaring chorus on this one is just a taste of things to come.


Having played with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and ‘the fifth Beatle’ Billy Preston, TK Lawrence is a veteran songwriter with plenty of life experience to share through his music. His songs reflect a life of genuine rock and roll, and this album – written and based around title track ‘Last Human’ – is the most recent culmination of that career.


But don’t be fooled – there’s plenty more to come from Rosemary Station. ‘Last Human’ is out now.



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