‘Lightning’ strikes for excellent US songwriter Amilia K Spicer

With a reputation already growing on the far side of the Atlantic, Amilia K Spicer has earned top reviews for her independently produced album ‘Wow and Flutter’. The latest single to be drawn from that album is the excellent ‘Lightning’ – another example of why Spicer is getting so many music fans hot under the collar.

Spacey and compelling, the track takes its time to build a mood and delivers a hypnotising treat which is more than the sum of its simple parts. The individual building blocks come together seamlessly to create a track with true depth and heart.

The fact that it’s only the second single from the album suggests that there’s more to come too, and with the album already out there to own, Amilia K Spicer definitely deserves the plaudits she’s been getting. Seek it out in all the usual places if you like what you’re hearing above.

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